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Lesson 3

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Your First Android App

In this section you + me will be looking to break down and get our way into the android world by creating our first app.

Creating an Android App

The first step is to use Android Studio to create a simple Android application. When you click on the Android studio icon, the screen shown below will appear.

img src—tutorialpoint.com
You can begin developing your application by calling start a new android studio project. A new installation frame should prompt for the application name, package information, and project location. 

After entering the application name, it will be called select the form factors your application runs on, here you must specify the minimum SDK, which in our tutorial is API32: Android. You can you the maximum API level most suitable for your pupose and at best at the time.

The following installation level should include selecting the activity to mobile, which specifies the default layout for Applications.

At the final stage, it going to be open development tool to write the application code.

Great job on arriving at this level. Now you have android app which says “hello world”. Lets go and say hello to the world and come back for lesson 4.

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